Wholly Transformed

Our incorporation of yoga involves lots of movement. At Wholly Transformed, we help you begin to build a mind body connection that lends itself to a heightened sense of well-being, self-esteem, and inner peace. As yoga becomes more mainstream, and doctors begin to recommend it to their patients, we harness its healing power and develop new creative ways to get up and get moving.

We offer all types of yoga from private beginner’s sessions to group classes, aqua yoga to yoga for the physically challenged; even yoga with your church! Each session is meant to balance what is imbalanced, strengthen any weaknesses, and use releasing stretches and feel-good movements to help you feel great!

Wholly Transformed

Yoga has very beneficial advantages both for beginners and people who have been doing it for years. Aside from increased strength, flexibility, and better circulation, practicing yoga is good for other parts of your body as well. It can improve your breathing, relieve stress and pain, and improve cardiovascular health by lowering the heart rate and increasing oxygen. Yoga can also help you control your weight by lowering cortisol levels in your body, and by promoting healthy eating habits and giving you new self - esteem!

In recent studies, it was found that yoga also dramatically benefits people over 40! Yoga can increase blood flow through the arteries and provide better overall circulation and flexibility. Yoga can help to alleviate chronic physical conditions - such as heart disease and high blood pressure - and is said to help with conditions that are more mental including: insomnia, depression, anxiety, and pain. By combining the various stretching poses, steady breathing, and relaxation techniques of yoga, you can promote your overall transformation and put yourself on the path to improved wellness.