Personal Fitness & Mind, Body

Wholly Transformed

Personal fitness is all about movement. The right movements and routines can create fun, exciting, creative exercises that will maintain better overall health. Through personal fitness, you can achieve superior strength and balance, keep joints and muscles lubricated, and get a new motivation to stay healthy. We’ll take you from the couch to a 5K with innovative, exciting fitness techniques you’ll really enjoy!

Exercise and Personal Training

At Wholly Transformed, you can always expect the unexpected. We’re always switching up the equipment  – boxing gloves one day for cardio, hula hoops for flexibility the next – to think outside the box and keep your energy level high. We do circuit and Tabata-style training, high-intensity workouts (still geared towards your capabilities), burst training, and more. We also offer affordable group rates for friends and family to help on your journey to find the inner strength to achieve new heights of success.

You cannot achieve your goals without the integration of mind and body. One will always cancel out the other if you have imbalance and will prevent you from obtaining total wellness and transformation. At Wholly Transformed, we will help you to accept personal responsibility for your own health, develop the truest types of motivation, and free you from fear.

All it takes is a little help and you too can change your perceptions of belief, attitude, and reality to remove your limitations and accomplish anything. Our helpful advice, personal training, wellness coaching, and creative exercises will take you out of your “repetitive ruts” and give you the helpful guidance you need to earn complete harmony of mind and body and moments of defining achievement.