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Total Transformation - Body, Soul, and Spirit

Transformation is something that happens on the inside. It is a defining moment and a lifetime commitment. It can never be just an external, temporary fix. When you change your mindset, the outside will follow!

Wholly Transformed

My life's work is dedicated to helping you achieve a total transformation - body, soul, and spirit. Through expert life coaching, personal training, serene yoga exercises, motivational speaking, and more, Wholly Transformed can aid you in achieving an overall wellness and a permanent, healthy lifestyle.

Wholly Transformed My Story:

Although not obese as a child, I was always heavier than my peers. I was not athletic in any way and normally went by default to the last team pick. I started diets at about the age of twelve and - over the years - tried just about every diet, every pill, and every infomercial exercise gimmick out there. As you can probably guess, nothing worked.

In fact, I dieted myself right into morbid obesity.

If you're reading this, perhaps you know this story all too well. I lost weight on every diet, but gained much more once I went off. Once I hit my 40's I resigned myself to being morbidly obese. I thought it was too late to even dream of a healthy and fit life.

Things just went from bad to worse. I was diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, and horrible reflux (GERD) problems. However, not one doctor ever told me these diseases were brought on by obesity and could be reversed.

By the time I hit my 50's, I realized that I was fast becoming immobile. I realized that I had to do something if I wanted to survive. But what?!

Then, it hit me.

The diets and regimens that I followed – the ones that didn't work – were designed to change unhealthy, obese people. I asked myself “What were active, fit people doing to maintain their healthy lifestyle?

I began to study the nutritional plans of weight lifters, runners, and athletes. Because I knew, from experience, that change could not happen overnight. I started to slowly fine tune my nutritional habits, which resulted in less cravings and the energy to add small amounts of exercise.

Most importantly, I changed my mindset too. When my weight loss stalled (which was normally the time I would give up in frustration), I realized why I failed in the past – I QUIT! The only way to fail is to quit!! So instead, I explored the options and hired a personal fitness trainer.


Since I was - by that time - actively engaging in exercise, and had been a swimmer most of my life, I thought I knew what exercise was. But, that first training session showed me otherwise! Under the expert leadership of my trainer, I went on to lose half my body weight and regained a zest for life! I had a TOTAL transformation – body, soul, and spirit!

Now, in my 50's, I am the strongest – mentally and physically - I have ever been. I cherish this new lease on life and accept it as a wonderful gift. But gifts, much like inspiration, are meant to be shared.

My journey and my experience brought me full circle and back to school to become a personal trainer. Today I teach others the lessons I learned along the journey to lead them to their highest and best selves. Through proper nutrition, transformation of body and mind, exciting, creative, and fun exercise, and life-enhancing yoga, I can motivate all my clients to become Wholly Transformed!


  • Wellness Coaching - Personal, Online, Long Distance
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Yoga - Including Christian Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Private/Group Lessons
  • Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching Including Food Shopping & Kitchen Organization
  • Personal Fitness Training - Private & Group Lessons
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